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Making a Difference

Amgen Singapore is committed to improving patient’s lives and contributing to the health of the world’s rapidly increasing population.

With the growing population in Asia coupled with a higher disease prevalence, there will be a greater need for healthcare products and services. Amgen is dedicated to serving patients by transforming science and biotechnology into therapies that have the power to restore health or save lives. Our robust pipeline of medicines include Prolia®, XGEVA®, Vectibix®, NEUPOGEN®, Neulastim® to target serious illnesses and areas of high unmet medical need.

In all aspects of Amgen’s research, manufacturing, packaging and delivery devices, we keep environmental sustainability at the core.

Amgen Singapore also works closely with the global Amgen Foundation where we are dedicated to promoting science education to students and teachers. Through the Amgen Foundation, we aim to build a local community that is passionate about science by inspiring young individuals to innovate and engage in new advancements in science and biotechnology.


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